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    1990: "Kites" (as Ultraviolet)

    1991: "I Wish That" (as Ultraviolet)

    1991: “Ladies With An Attitude” (as Epitome of Hype)

    1991: “Here and Now” (as Shaka Boom)

    1992: “It’s A Miracle” (as Shaka Boom)

    1994: “Do Me Right” (As Clusterfunk)

    1994: “Deep Down” (As Clusterfunk)

    1995: "Be As One" (with Sasha) (UK #17)

    1996: "One and One" (with Robert Miles) (UK #3)

    1998: "Naked and Sacred" (UK #32)

    1998: "Will You Be With Me"/"Love is the God" (UK #65)

    1998: "Inside My Universe"

    2000: "Angry Skies" (UK #42)

    2002: "Headstrong" (with Tilt)

    2002: "Babyland (with Motion 3)

    2003: "Child of Life" (with Tastexperience)

    2003: "Free Spirit" (with Marc Et Claude)

    2004: "Over Again" (with Odessi aka Parks & Wilson and Leama)

    2006: "21st Century Lover" (with Killahurtz)

    2007: "Angry Skies 2007" (with Tilt)

    2009: "We Belong" (with Ferry Corsten)

    2009: "Perfect Sky" (with Espen Gulbrandsen and DJ Julian Vincent)

    2011: "The Music In You" (with Tilt)

    2012: "One & One 2012" (with Loverush UK!)

    2012: "My Release" (with Tilt)

    2012: "Wild" (with Glassesboys from the album "From Our House")

    2013: "Damage" (with Paul Morrell)

    2014: "Lifetime When Right" (with Tenishia)

    2015: "Calming Rain" (with Kyau & Albert)

    2015: "Lifetime" (with Just Arnold & Mischa Samuel)

    2015: "No Mistakes" (with Rafael Frost)

    2015: "Still I Feel" (with Bart Claessen)

    2016: "Superstar" (with Damien S)

    2017: "A Second Breath" (with Mino Safy)

    2017: "The Beauty Of The Night" (with Nitrous Oxide)

    2017: "More Than A Photograph" (with Jericho Frequency)

    2017: "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart" (with Raz Nitzan)

    2018: “I Dissolve You” (Costa and Maria Nayler)